A day in the life a writer

As the sun peeks over the horizon the ideas brewing in my mind all night flow onto paper with complete ease! There’s barely time to keep up as the words simply spill out and mesh together.

Okay, now that we’ve walked down fantasy lane how about we get real with each other.

My writing almost NEVER works like what we just talked about. Seriously next to never!!

More often than not my day starts out with grand intentions that last all of about 10 minutes. Sometimes less! You see I wear many hats. Writer is just one of many!

So as I put one fire out and head to the next I scribble notes on whatever I can find. Most of the time that includes blank envelopes, the notes app on my phone and even in the dust of the dashboard of the pickup. Hey, a girls gotta get those ideas out quick before they vacate my mind, possibly for good!

Speaking of writing ideas, my best ideas often come in the shower! Do you know how hard it is to take notes in the shower? Anyone else ever have this issue? I’ve learned to keep a notebook handy for right afterwards but would love to hear if anyone else has something that works for them.

Okay, so now I have all sorts of ideas flowing so it must be time to write, right?

I sit down at my computer and this blank white screen stares back at me. But wait, I have ideas, why aren’t they coming out when I need them? For me it’s often to many ideas and trying to narrow them down to something at a given time.

I’ve got the ideas narrowed down and start hen pecking a few words out to silence the flashing cursor of judgement! Wait, the words are starting to come easier now. I’m not sure they make sense but they’re coming easier at least.

Oh the joy, things are starting to work again. The keyboard can barely keep up with how fast I’m trying to type the words.

And then it happens! The front door creaks open and I can hear my beloved holler across the house, “Woman, I need your help, quick!” Curses, it all comes to a screeching halt.

Ranch life never goes by a schedule, EVER! So I stop what I’m doing and head out the door to help hubby move a tractor, doctor a calf and unload feed. Might as well go ahead and get supper in the crockpot while I’m stopped too, right?

It’ll come back easy right? I mean it’s already started and everything was flowing so beautifully. Shoot I’ll just pick this up and finish it with grace and ease! Alright, I’m going to have to go with grace as it sure isn’t coming with ease again. Ugh!!

Maybe some music will get it all going again. Yeah, that’ll help and while I’m waiting for that to kick in I might as well switch the laundry quick right?

Here we go, let’s try again. What, my word count is at 200? Did the computer devour everything I wrote before my blessed husband walked in the house? It had to have as I know it was there. Well, I thought it was anyway.

Graphics, yeah, graphics. I’ll work on those for awhile and that’ll pull this whole thing together. Oh look a cute kitten video! Eek, shut it down quick.

I imagine what it must be like to be a writer in some solitary log cabin in the woods. How amazing would that be?!?!

But you know that’s not me. I squeeze in writing late at night after everyone else is asleep. Many of my first drafts are done on my notes app with talk to text on my phone as we haul hay. Way to often it takes me several days to get a blog post fully ready as I do it in 5 minute chunks of time.

There’s nothing perfect about my writing style but I love to write so I’ve learned to make it work. Not sure it works for my readers but hey let’s focus on that grace again, okay?

So off to bed I go with my trusty notepad beside my bed for those ideas that come at the most opportune times! Ready to start the whole joyous process all over again.


How to Brand Ourselves with Freedom

Have you heard about “branding”? In our part of the world branding is slightly different than in the blogging world.

We brand calves and cows as a mark of identification of who owns them. It prevents theft and it lets people know who these cattle belong to. So when I got into blogging and heard that we should “brand” ourselves I have to be honest I probably took it a little different than other people.

I know what it means. I’ve done enough studying and learned it’s a way we can set ourselves apart by being consistent so people know who we are. You know the funny thing is that’s actually very similar to the branding that we do with our cattle.

We want to put a mark on ourselves so that people know without a doubt who we are, what we like, basically something that says “this is us”! But to take it a step even further I want people to be able to know whose I am. I want people to have no doubt in their mind that I love Jesus. I want people to come in contact with me and say, “Oh my gosh I want whatever she has because the joy in her is palpable.”

So yeah branding is is a way of setting ourselves apart.

I have to be honest, I’m not the best at staying with the same fonts or the same themes. I try to do the right things but if you know my personality at all you’ll know that actually my branding is to be a little all over the place.

There might be a slight case of bunny chaser in me. I just can’t help it it’s my personality. I try to chase that rabbit back but don’t always get there. Despite all my bunny trail wanderings, I pray my heart will come across clear. I hope it’s perfectly clear my number one goal in life is to share the gospel and the good news of the saving power of Jesus.

I am not an emotional person by nature but the thought of people perishing without a relationship with Jesus breaks my heart. Everything else we do in this life, the words we write, the books we sell, the jobs we do, even all the good deeds in the world, pale in comparison in the light of eternity.

So in an effort to help with the branding process I should tell you a bit more about me. I love blue so you’re going to see a lot of blue. I love nature so you’re probably going to see a lot of nature. I love my family so they’re probably going to sneak in here from time to time too. I like all things ranching so it’s going to be a part of my writing as well. I love humor, I just can’t help myself.

But what I know is no matter what I do, no matter what I say there will be one truth for me and that is I love Jesus!!

So I hope you continue on with me as we chase a few rabbits down bunny trails. Ride along with me as I throw too much blue up on this blog. Be patient with me as from time to time I might gush about my family a little too much. In the end though, it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t some randomness on here. Because that’s a part of who I am!

I’ve tried to fit the mold of what I’m supposed to be for so long and I don’t know if it’s age or what but I am sick of fitting into other people’s molds for me! I am who I am and I don’t want to be anything else anymore. You know what friend, I really would love to invite you into this freedom.

There something to be said for branding ourselves by who’s we are and not what we do.

When you stop and think that the King of the universe chose you you can’t help but get excited! He could have done this without us and yet He wanted us that much.

I love the song “What a Beautiful Name” by Hillsong where it says, “He didn’t want heaven without us so Jesus You brought heaven down.” Come on! How can you not just melt into a puddle when you hear that? We should all be in so much awe on a regular basis that the only mold we want to fit into is the one He has for us.

Whew, I don’t know about you but that takes a lot of pressure off! So I’d love to hear in the comments what ways you are going to step into freedom this week. Alright freedom bell ringers, let’s get after it this week and be who God created us to be unique and individual! Go for it you mold breaker – I’m cheering you on!