What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

I have exciting news! Recently I started a new online community along with my sister.

It’s called Her Rural Heart and it’s for the rural, Christian woman at heart.

What does Rural Heart mean?

It’s the heart that longs for living intentionally and simplified even in the middle of the chaos of our modern world. It’s the woman’s heart who longs for a safe place to be heard exactly where she is without judgement! A rural at heart woman desires a community of other women who get her. We know we speak a “different language” than the rest of the world. Our goal is to have a community where we can talk about things like hen scratch, family recipes, cattle prices, raising unplugged kids and our relationship with the Lord in the same place!

Along with a community of other women who get you, there are weekly devotionals as well teachings/classes on various ag, rural, faith related topics. There are also various resources being added all the time as well as a recipe exchange starting this year.

We’re also adding a Marketplace section where members can share their homemade or created works.

We’re in the process of working towards becoming a nonprofit organization so please pray for us in that area.

One other super exciting thing is we were blessed with some help getting started so we want to pay that forward. We’re offering several yearly memberships free to women who would be blessed by that.

If this sounds like a good fit for you or another woman you know, please contact us at herruralheart@gmail.com .

We’d love to have you join us!

Oh one other thing. We’re looking for devotion submissions for 2020. If you’d like to share a devotion with us please email it to herruralheart@gmail.com

Our guidelines are:

First and foremost Biblically based.

Format we typically follow is: scripture, teaching, prayer and a challenge to go along with the lesson.

Word count anywhere from 200-600.

Thanks for considering sharing with us. 

Okay, so now it’s your turn. What are you the most excited for in 2020?

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