What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?


We moved quite a bit when I was a kid. I was born in TX but quickly ended up in SD.

One of the places we spent time at when I was growing up was in SE Montana. My dad and a partner leased a big ranch up there and we spent our summers there as veterinary work was slower during that time.

The house we stayed in was over 60 miles from the nearest little town. It didn’t have electricity or running water.

The road in there was a long, one lane dirt track through sagebrush covered terrain.

My dad is a pilot and had a smaller plane we used to travel for Embryo Transfer work frequently. 

So a lot of times we would fly into the ranch. My dad would land and take off in our little plane atop a flat plateau/bluff.

Every time he took off you would eventually just run out of runway and the edge was a big drop off. The same thing for takeoffs. There was a very limited runway!

The funny thing is…I can’t ever remember feeling afraid during either. Just sheer exhilaration every time.

I knew my dad would always take care of it. I had complete faith in him! For me it was simply sitting back and enjoying the ride.

That childlike faith is amazing!

What if we could all learn to trust our Heavenly Father that way?

I know many of us didn’t or don’t have earthly fathers we could put our faith in.

Don’t let that hold you back from asking God to redeem that and help you trust Him and put all your faith in Him today!

Go back and write down all the ways our Heavenly Father was faithful to you over the years.

Remind yourself that He is faithful. Stir up that childlike faith again. And keep stirring!

Check out our latest YouTube video with more on this story of the plane, getting sheep ready for a storm and as always feeding cows!

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