What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

In this digital media age full of curated pictures and peoples’ lives on a highlight reel, does it ever make you feel like you aren’t “good enough”? Girl I hear ya! I struggle big time with this! Everyday I speak life over myself but often I have to do it hourly and even by the minute because of this comparison junk.

I don’t even like to put it out there that I still deal with it because I think I have this beast conquered and then it rears its ugly head yet again.

I’m just going to be really honest with you, sometimes I struggle as a writer and creative person in this social media age of thinking, “I’m over the hill. I am too old to be doing this. This is a young girls game and I have way too many imperfections. People are not gonna want to read what I write as I don’t have my poop in a group ever!”

They darn sure aren’t going to want to look at pictures of me on a book jacket or social media for crying out loud!!  I mean my nose was broke as a kid and has a big bump now, I have crooked teeth, I’m almost 45 years old and I’m over what society deems my ideal weight!!

All of those are true. I mean there’s no denying I weigh more than I did five years ago. I can’t hide that my nose is out of whack, my teeth are crooked and I’m not a spring chicken anymore but how I let that play out in my head is my choice!!

Folks if you can’t tell, I am super passionate about this because I fight the struggle every day and I just am tired of it!! I can’t imagine that I’m alone in this, am I?

How are we going to flip the script on this? How are we going to raise the next generation so they don’t get hung up with these “less than” thoughts?

I wish I knew the ultimate answer but I’m still working this out for myself. But one thing I’m working on personally is to use less filters on everything in my life.

I don’t mean Snapchat filters because guys I love Snapchat filters they’re just fun! The voice changer ones are a blast. The antler type filters are my jam. I’m probably not giving up Snapchat filters anytime soon. Don’t judge. It’s fun!

What I mean are the filters we use to keep everybody at arms length so we feel safe.

The kind of filters where we are vanilla enough for everybody to at least sort of like us. Where we jump in the current and swim as fast as we can to stay with the pack because we are afraid of standing out in any kind of way.

When we live outside of the box it’s a pretty vulnerable place to be!!

Are you ready to be brave?

We’re taught from an early age to conform and fit in. We’re mocked for being the kid in the church Christmas play who dances to their own beat! Yet, on the inside, every person there is cheering that kid on!!

There’s something in us created to embrace our uniqueness yet we learn so early to stuff it down so we can blend in.


I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14

So maybe that’s how we flip the script. We start celebrating each other uniqueness out loud!! Instead of silently cheering for them, we break free because part of us wants to do the same. We can cheer them on by breaking free ourselves!!!

I don’t want to do this alone either! The tide is shifting and people are wanting off this hamster wheel we’ve been on for far too long. So join me!!

Share your brave moments.

Share your scared moments.

Share your unfiltered moments.

Share them here. Share them there.

Share them everywhere!

(Thanks Dr. Seuss for the early lessons in life.)

Let’s gather around the table and be brave together as we flip the script on comparison!

How are you going to live unfiltered and embrace the fact that you ARE more than enough this week?

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