What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

Let me introduce you to some of the finest caretakers and stewards of the earth that I know – ranchers and farmers!

I know what the media tries to tell you about us but I want to set the record straight. As a whole, you aren’t going to find a people more interested in taking care of that land and the animals God has entrusted with us then people in agriculture.

You see, we truly love what we do and we can’t continue to do it if we don’t steward it well.

Yes, at different times in the past there was a painful, steep learning curve from abusing the land from taking the most you could get from it.

But we learned, and continue to learn.

Nothing can continue to give once it’s been emptied of itself completely. That includes the earth!

So, yes, we make a living off the land. But more importantly we make a life from the land and we will guard and protect her to the best of our ability!

If you have questions about how those of us in Ag are working to steward the land well please feel free to ask.

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