What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

Anyone else finding themselves wanting to just check out from social media, news and the chaos of the world? Maybe run away to the solitude of the buffalo pasture and bugle elk all day? Just me?

In Matthew 14 we find Jesus feeding the 5000+ from just a few fish and loaves of bread. As I was reading this recently I caught something in the verses before this miracle happened.

You see John the Baptist was just beheaded and when Jesus heard the NEWS, he went away by himself. Time alone with His Father was needed in the middle of the harshness of the world.

Then, He gets back out there to serve! To heal. To minister. He filled up by spending time with God but He didn’t just run away and never come back. He filled up to pour out.

Right after ministering to the needs of the people He sent His disciples on ahead as He went to spend time again with the Father.

The fact that time alone with God bookends this huge miracle we all talk about caught me. How amazing! Jesus didn’t say this world is too hard and full of too much pain. I’m just gonna go hang out in the hills by myself until my time here is done. Just check out because the chaos is overwhelming.

BUT…He also knew He NEEDED that time alone with God to fuel Himself for the ministry and work ahead. And He knew it wasn’t going to stop so He needed to fill up, pour out, fill up and repeat!

I know Jesus was fully God and fully man here on earth and we won’t often get it right like Him. But He was the perfect example for us! So let’s keep our eyes on that example and keep filling up so we can pour out this week.

I hope you enjoy our latest YouTube video where I share a big part of how I fill up so I can keep getting back out there to serve where God calls me to!

Praying for you friend!!

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