What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

My teeth wouldn’t quit chattering as the cold seeped into every ounce of my being. I longed for some kind of warmth to take over.

I was no stranger to cold but this deep kind of cold seemed to completely overtake me.

I cranked up the water’s heat knowing it would relieve the pain I was feeling.

As I slipped in under the running water and the heat ran over my head the pain intensified. Sharp pins and needles pricked me everywhere the water’s heat touched me. The feeling in my body was coming back.

Waves of warmth started to flow over me and crack open the frozen places. The pain was starting to subside.

The quivering mess that had stepped into the shower was now basking in the warmth. Soaking it all in as the iciness retreated.

Have you ever felt that kind of deep cold? The kind you can’t seem to shake. Not just the physical cold, but frozen places of our soul. Places we have lost feeling to long ago.

It can seem so easy to leave the frozen places iced over. Not letting the warmth of Jesus thaw those hidden hurts. Those broken pieces of our lives we so desperately want to sweep under the rug.

But…if we want to fully live the abundant life Jesus has for us we must be brave! We need to grab hold of the warrior He has placed in each of us and dig into the frozen recesses of our pain.

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We must be willing to go to battle to reclaim the ground the enemy has tried to steal from us!

In the past, I wanted to keep those places frozen and walled off. Life seemed easier that way. The truth is it wasn’t! It was simply a colder, darker, lonelier existence.

Even if we believe we can’t feel the pain it still has a way of sneaking into every facet of our life. How we relate to people. The ways in which we react to situations. The nagging fear someone will see what we’ve tried to keep hidden.

Just as the water stung a little, as it dealt with my frozen skin, we need to trust Jesus as He deals with the pain we’ve tried to keep below the surface as well.

He is more than ready to gently ease away the cold, dark hurts. True, we’re going to feel the pain again but we need to get the feeling back in order to live fully. Along with the feeling coming back, so will the warmth.

We can trust our Heavenly Father not to leave us in the pain if we invite Him in to walk through it with us.

Come with me as we dig deep to find the courage only the Holy Spirit can provide. Trusting He will shake loose the frozen pieces of our soul.

What is one way you’ll commit to live fully as the warrior He’s called you to be this week? Comment below and let’s help each other live abundantly!


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