What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

How many of us walk through life bound up by chains no one else can see? We feel the weight of them but often don’t recognize them as the bondage they truly are.

A good portion of my life I’ve swung back and forth on a pendulum of an all or nothing mentality in every area of my life.

A constant, monotonous tic toc of the swinging pendulum. Living a life of being chained to this unseen apparatus.

There were many times of being at the extreme end of pride and wanting to do it all on my own. Often with a flippant attitude of I don’t need anyone else or even God’s help. I turned what could be good things into an idol and let it steal the freedom Jesus came to give us all.

Then I’d swing to the other end of the extreme and completely neglect everything in my life out of exhaustion after fighting for control so much. Somehow accepting my fate in life that this was the best I deserved. Learn to live with it!

How quickly do we forget Jesus’ words in John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

We don’t have to roll over and play dead and let the enemy run amuck in our lives! No more living resigned to an endless cycle of swinging from idol worship to neglecting the gifts God’s given us.

Jesus came to give us life abundantly and I don’t know about you but I know for me living on a pendulum isn’t abundant living!! Share on X

But…something amazing happened over the last couple of months as I was going through the Wellness Revelation Study. I felt the bottom swing of pendulum for the first time. It just barely slowed down the first time but enough I recognized it. It was like some kind of spark was set off as the I crossed that line.

As the pendulum started to slow down a little more each time and I felt the peace every time I passed through the bottom swing I wanted it more!

The upswings began to decrease as I started to shift my focus. Instead of spending so much time focusing on obsessing or neglecting I released my grip on it all I started meeting Jesus in the middle.

new creation

Maybe this doesn’t sound like earth shattering news to you but even just the that small moment gave me hope!! The hope of living free from the swinging pendulum.

It’s possible I’m speaking some kind of foreign language to you here as you don’t struggle with this. But even if you don’t I guarantee you have people in your life that do!

Before I began the Wellness Revelation Study I was out walking my dogs and praying and pouring my heart out to God. I knew this wasn’t the way to live but it’s all I knew. I was begging Him for help! I’d done my fair share of “wellness studies” and honestly didn’t want to jump on that same hamster wheel again!!

In typical God fashion He didn’t bulldoze His way in and leave me with no choice. He simply whispered to my spirit, “If you never lose a pound but gain My freedom would it be enough?”

Seriously friend, I’m not an emotional person at all but I was a bawling mess in the pasture. Holy Spirit wrecked right there as my dogs circled the wagons around me as they felt it too.

I’m in tears again as I type this as I want this kind of freedom for everyone!! We spend so much of our lives wasting it on things that don’t matter in the light of eternity!

Obsessing over our weight or resigning ourselves to living a life of just getting by until we’re “good enough” is not honoring God with the gift of life He’s given us.

The question is not IF we will worship but WHO or WHAT we will worship! Alisa Keeton - Will we spend our lives worshiping the creation or the Creator? Share on X

God doesn’t make mistakes. You were knit together in the womb with so much love and with a purpose in mind. Let’s not neglect that in the pursuit of something else that will never fill that God sized void in us!

I’m so grateful for the time I had in this study and the friendships created in the amazing accountability group! If you’re feeling a tug on your heart after reading this don’t ignore it. The Holy Spirit has something for you.

My friends Liz Patton and Summer Faith have such hearts for Jesus and serving others well. Jump in on their next Wellness Revelation study group starting soon!

I want to leave you with a couple of my absolute favorite quotes from the book that I put on sticky notes all over my house as reminders.

grace quote

“Grace is not permission to live according to the flesh but power to live by the Spirit. Like God’s love, it never quits!”

Grace is not a back-up plan for when we fall short and need a cleanup on aisle 10. Grace is THE plan! Alisa Keeton Share on X

“Mercy keeps the believer on Heaven’s life support, while grace gives the believer life to the full!’

“Not only is God’s mind filled with all wisdom and knowledge, it is also undivided. Unlike our minds, which easily change course depending on our thoughts and feelings, God never changes His mind. His love for us will always be the same.”

I’m praying for you friend! I can’t wait to hear the freedom bells ringing in your own lives as you jump off the pendulum!!

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