What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

There are age old traditions passed down in various of walks of life. Some traditions are retired due to a more efficient way to do it. Other times we hold onto those traditions despite that because we know the value in it is even greater!

Ranching has changed a lot over the years. Even since I was a kid. But there are some things we fight to hold onto despite all the change happening around us.

Technology has had a huge impact on the agricultural world. We’re more efficient now than we’ve ever been. We can also share our ag stories with the mainstream more readily which helps reconnect people with where their food is coming from. Those are both good things!.

But there is one tradition we work hard to keep alive here in western South Dakota.

Neighbors, friends and family helping each other brand each others calves. I know a lot of people who, out of necessity, moved to using calf tables. There is nothing wrong with that and it’s probably just as efficient in the long run.

We choose to continue with roping and dragging calves as well as using a branding stove. Mostly because we do find it extremely efficient. But I’d be lying if I said that I don’t look forward to branding seasons mostly due to the social aspect of it.

We were created to be in community with other people. Yet, I’m noticing even with all this technology meant to connect us we’re more disconnected from each other than ever.

So I’ll take every chance I get to work alongside, joke around with and generally just love on some of the best people in the world in this ag community. It’s a blessing and worth fighting for even today.

I put together this short YouTube video to give you a little sneak peek into our fall branding. It got later in the year than we’d like to do them due to weather so they’re much bigger than normal in the video.

When you get done watching it will you hit subscribe on my YouTube channel and share with a friend? It’s important that people can reconnect with a way of life many don’t see from the main road.



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