What if we chose the abundant life?

My teeth wouldn’t quit chattering as the cold seeped into every ounce of my being. I longed for some kind of warmth to take over.

I was no stranger to cold but this deep kind of cold seemed to completely overtake me.

I cranked up the water’s heat knowing it would relieve the pain I was feeling.

As I slipped in under the running water and the heat ran over my head the pain intensified. Sharp pins and needles pricked me everywhere the water’s heat touched me. The feeling in my body was coming back.

Waves of warmth started to flow over me and crack open the frozen places. The pain was starting to subside.

The quivering mess that had stepped into the shower was now basking in the warmth. Soaking it all in as the iciness retreated.

Have you ever felt that kind of deep cold? The kind you can’t seem to shake. Not just the physical cold, but frozen places of our soul. Places we have lost feeling to long ago. Continue reading “What if we chose the abundant life?”