What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?
It’s Five Minute Friday again. We all love Friday’s but here’s another reason to love this day of the week. You simply get a word prompt on twitter (#fmfparty) on Thursday night and then write for 5 minutes. No overthinking or editing. There is a linkup on Friday at http://katemotaung.com where we can read other’s five minute free write. This week’s prompt is: YES

When I first got the prompt for this week I thought “How great is this word! There will be tons of directions to go with it.” Yikes, there are way too many directions for this gal. I didn’t start writing for quite a while as I simply couldn’t pick a place to start.
So, I’m here typing and waiting to see which direction the Lord takes me on in these 5 minutes.

I really do love to write but so many days life gets in the way. Most people would think it would be easier for me to find time as we’re ranchers and we work for ourselves. The only problem with that is that we have NO schedule. Simply work while there is daylight. There is ALWAYS something to do.

So I talked to my husband about trying to schedule time into our day for me to write and he laughed. He wasn’t trying to be mean but the idea of scheduling anything is hard for him. Heck we’re doing well if we can keep an appointment we a doctor when needed.

God called me to write. He placed this talent in me and I willingly said YES when the Holy Spirit spoke to about following His plan. I want to honor Him with all of me, including my time.

So, I’m saying YES to honor my writing time. I will boldly block off time, in pen, on my calendar to honor God’s call.

I’m praying my YES will be echoed by His AMEN!

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT)

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