What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

Have you ever felt that small tug at your heart from God? You might brush it aside and chalk it up to just a stray thought. But, it just doesn’t go away. It continues to grow. 

 A couple of years ago God was calling me out of my comfort zone. He was calling me to be our local youth group leader. Wow, this was going to be a stretch for me. I hate to admit it, but I resisted. Strongly! 

“God, there has to be someone better for the job,” I said. “I’m not at all equipped for this kind of ministry.” Besides there was already someone in that role at our church. Why was I feeling such a strong pull when from what I could see, there wasn’t a need? 

 But when God sends us to do His work, He’s already got a plan. He is equipping us in the “off season” to prepare us for the season of work ahead. I wrestled with God over this issue for some time and finally just said, “Okay, I don’t see it at all, but I will trust you and go where you send me.” 

It was only a few short months after that when the youth group leader had a shift in her own life and our church was in need of someone to step up. I was still scared and didn’t feel equipped, but God had been preparing my heart and the circumstances. 

Also, God in his perfect timing, sent a new gal into our community to help with youth leadership. She has truly been a God send and our youth group is not only still alive, it’s flourishing. We are watching the youth of our community come alive for Christ. I have been blessed beyond my wildest imagination in making the choice to go where God sends!

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