What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?
I have a confession to make…I really like to plan. I love lists, sticky notes, calendars, etc. It absolutely drives my hubby up the wall. You see, he’s definitely NOT a planner. He’s more of the “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of guy.

I have learned in our livelihood (ranching) that all the planning in the world can get wiped out in a moments notice. Animals get sick, markets change and weather wreaks havoc with the best laid plans to name a few.

Yet, I still try to plan. Day to day stuff. The monthly outlook. Yearly livestock plans. You name it I will find a way to plan it! So the first of the year is a bit of a planning junkies mardi gras.

I had a new calendar, goal sheet and sticky notes all laid out and ready for the magic to happen. I thought and I thought a little more. Ready to take on the new year with gusto.

Nothing came. So I tried to just jot down old plans I hadn’t succeeded at yet. A do over of sorts. Yet something was still nagging at me. So I walked away from my pretty planners and took a walk in the fresh air with my dogs.

I cleared my head and had a good talk with Jesus. A phrase ran through my mind that I had heard somewhere, I think it was Michael Hyatt, “over planning is just a form of procrastination”. Ouch! That one stung a little as it sure hit home with me.

Isn’t it sometimes easier to plan than to move forward and DO? I’m sure there are many people out there shaking their heads at me at this point but I’m just being honest.

God kept speaking to my heart, DO more – THINK Less!

Do you have assignments from God that you know He’s called you to but are still in the planning phase as a way to avoid moving forward? I get it, I really do. God has called me write a specific book but it isn’t easy. I’d much rather plan how I’m going to write it then actually write it!

As I sat and wrote down what God was calling me towards for the new year I was continually reminded that to plan is good but are we willing to let God interrupt those plans? Are we so attached to our to do lists and planners that we’re not willing to lay down our own agenda for His?

So let’s go forward this year ready and willing for God to interrupt our days with His plans. He always has the best ones for us anyway.

I’m going to take Him at His word and believe what He says! Will you join me?

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