What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?
Boldness hasn’t always been one of my strong suits. Embarking on this recent adventure and investment in my future wasn’t without some reservations.

A lot of my trepidation about this trip was centered on the travel to be honest. I’m sure there are so many world travelers out there that would have a good laugh at me the first day I flew into the vast giant that is the Minneapolis Airport. Yikes!

I embrace who I am, don’t get me wrong. I’m the “Hicks from the Sticks” and I love it. I’m sure my “country thang” was showing a bit as it dripped out of me and all over everyone else around me.

I like to talk. I admit it freely. I’m social and think everyone I meet is a potential new friend. It felt very lonely in that airport though. All around me were people that looked more like robots. I don’t mean this as any form of judgement at all but everyone was so involved in their electronic devices you couldn’t even get anyone to look up and engage.

God, in His all-knowing faithfulness, ushered me on with confidence however. Not only was I not alone in that massive place that felt completely foreign to me but He would go before me and make a way.  He did just that!  

A fellow She Speaks conference goer right there in the midst. Even getting on the same plane with me. God is so gracious. She had an infectious smile and a very welcoming heart. She had traveled before and I felt like I could just let her lead. It was great. Thank you God for sending her my way!

As we arrived at the conference hotel I was surprised by the level of exhaustion I was feeling from a traveling day. I mean seriously, how a person can feel so tired from just sitting all day. It baffles me!

I have observed over the years that different people handle exhaustion differently. My mom can be completely sleep deprived and still function at almost a top notch level. My husband is the same way. I, on the other hand, am a whole different beast.

I wish I could say I just smile and push right through but that’s not reality.  My brain feels like sludge and my good humor gets locked away somewhere I can’t seem to find it until after I’ve gotten some sleep. Knowing this about myself, I slipped off to my hotel room to get some much needed rest before the conference would begin the next day.

You know the preconceived notions about things you’ve never been a part of in your life? The assumptions you make about something can be shattered in a moment. That’s what happened to me at She Speaks.

I expected a business type conference. Logistics. Each to their own. Lots of head knowledge but that it would simply end there. Nope! Not even close.

There was an immense amount of practical information available at each turn but the core message throughout the weekend was that it’s ALL about God. Everything needs to points back to Him.

               It wasn’t about MY calling but WHO was doing the calling.

There was an unexpected spiritual breakthrough waiting there for me. Such a sweet gift from my Father. Deliverance I couldn’t have possibly anticipated but will forever be grateful for.

There were sweet sisters in Christ that God placed expertly in my path that were just as much a part of my experience as anything planned at the conference. Each of them ministered to my soul and dug deep with me on some issues as if we’d known each other forever. Only God can make those kind of heart connections possible.

The time flew by and as I sit here in the airport eagerly awaiting to be reunited with my family I can’t help but be a little sad to see it all end. But, wait, I believe this is just the beginning!

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