What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

A little over a year ago my family started on an overall wellness journey. We’d been cleaning up our diet, exercising and trying to be more intentional about sleep and stress for quite some time.

Yet I had no idea how many dangers were lurking in our own home!

You see, the everyday products we were using for cleaning and personal care were loaded with ingredients that are linked to hormone issues, diseases and allergies. Yikes!

The surgeon general issued a statement saying the ingredients in American personal care products now pose a greater cancer risk than smoking!! Let that sink in for a minute. It blew me away.

Way to often in our pursuit of health we only look at one particular area without much thought to the whole package. We box it into categories, spiritual, mental and physical. Not seeing that that all of them are connected.

When I was dealing with hormone issues I looked at the symptoms and we attempted to treat those. But, that was like putting a band-aid on a wound that was still spurting a whole lot of blood!

So as we started to read labels and do more research we knew there had to be a better way. We found a company that provided chemical free products we could feel good about using in our home.

Thus began the journey of ditching the products that were poisoning us and switching to ones free from the chemicals! You know that saying, “know better, do better”, we knew better now and wanted to do better.

It wasn’t an overnight switch but we did start moving forward more and more as we learned more. It’s pretty wild to me to look back and see how different are lives from just a year ago!

It’s like walking out of a fog and feeling truly healthy for the first time!

Things we used to use as a way to mask the symptoms have been completely swapped out for natural products that help with overall wellness.

Now we use essential oils and chemical free products daily and in so many ways! It’s hard to imagine life without them now. It’s amazing how many ways you can truly use Essential Oils when you get some education on how to go about it.

desert mist diffuser

We can’t continue to view wellness as a box we check off each day but as a lifestyle where the puzzle pieces all factor into the whole picture.

How can we hope to get good things out when we’re putting poison in?

Instead, let’s work towards feeding the body right, cutting out the toxins and living with less sickness overall! My family has found a better way and we’re passionate about sharing that with others.

The way we got started, and the way I recommend to others ready to start on their wellness journey, is to start with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit.

startingYou get a wholesale membership with that which gives you 24% off everything which is super helpful as you’re moving towards a chemical free lifestyle!

The starter kit comes with:

~ 11 of the most widely used oils

~ A diffuser of your choice (I recommend the Desert Mist – pictured above)

~ Sample packets of our favorite antioxidant drink – Ningxia Red

~ A sample of Thieves Household cleaner (this one has replaced every cleaner in our house – we don’t own another cleaner now)

~ Educational material

~ A place on our “team” (no worries you never have to be involved on the business side if that’s not your jam) where you’ll get all sorts of support and education so you can make the most of your wellness journey as well! Not to mention we just like to have fun too!

You can grab your starter kit on our team HERE. Make sure my name shows up as your enroller and sponsor so you don’t get randomly assigned to someone else.

Once you’re all set shoot me an email so I can friend you on Facebook and add your to our Gracefully Oiled Community for more education, support and fun!

I’ve seen so many lives changed by taking charge of their health so I’m super passionate about helping get oils into more homes while getting rid of more of the harmful crud.

I love to talk about all things on our wellness journey. Spiritual, mental and physical as I believe everything ties together. So please feel to reach out and let’s visit!



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