What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

Stomp this fire out. Oh crud there’s another I have to try to squelch. Before that ones even out I spot the next one igniting and try to figure out how to put out multiple ones at once.

That pretty much describes every day of my life before I started implementing the following practice of the three most things!

Boy I wish I had some super fancy title for this. The 3 a day rule? Maybe the 3 vitals? How about “Don’t do anything before these 3 are done” for a title?

No matter. What we call it isn’t nearly as important as implementing it. Action always trumps intention!!

Okay so you’re probably curious what this 3 thing is I’m talking about by now. That is if you’re still with me anyway!

In the past I just started my day with what felt most urgent. You know, put out the most pressing fire. Inevitably, the desires of my heart, the things that bring life, got pushed further and further back until yet again another day passed without doing them.

So I decided to simplify it. Don’t even look at those fires now until my top 3 things are done!!

I need to clarify something here before we start. True, there are true emergencies where we have no choice but to put out the fire. That’s not what I’m talking about here. That text or email waiting for you is NOT a fire! Don’t even look at it yet.


There are 3 areas in our life that need fed daily. Spirit, body and soul.

  • I feed the spirit first thing as I roll out of bed. For me this looks like saying “Good morning Jesus” before my feet hit the floor. Then as I head out of the bathroom I grab my devotions and Bible. I sit with the Lord and fill up what sustains my spirit. Every day is different and I simply meet with God and let Him lead.

  • Then it’s on to nourishing my body. This will look different for everyone. I’m a recovering all or nothing person. So in the past it would mean 2 hours of working out or nothing if I didn’t have time for that. Now it looks like a run with the dogs for however long I can. Sometimes it’s 15 minutes of lifting weights. Other times it’s dancing around to amazing Christian music! Check out this fun playlist here!! —->>>Christian Music Playlist

  • Last but just as important is food for the soul! The soul is our mind and emotions. This one varies a lot for me and it probably will for you too. I love to grab a cup of tea and visit with hubby. Often it’s filling my diffuser and reading a short chapter in a book I’m reading. Other times it’s stretching out in the yard soaking up some Vitamin D. Many days it’s taking 2 min to journal and write what I’m grateful for that day. One of my favorites is to listen to a podcast while I walk my dogs! The list is endless and will be dependent on each person.

Now for the last piece of advice on this. Fight ritualistic rules on this!! It’s our human nature to think this is what I wrote on my list to do as my most important 3 things today so I. Must. Do. Them!!

Be flexible and have grace with yourself. Our goal here is to start forming a habit over time and often that can take several weeks.

I’d absolutely LOVE to hear if you’re already implementing something like this and how you do it. If you’re still putting out fires first every day will you join me in this and give it an honest try?

Let’s give each other ideas in the comments!


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