What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?
I love this passage from Ephesians! So alive and active here.

“Standing” may sound passive but it’s not. We put on God’s armor, resist and brace ourselves to withstand the punches from the enemy. Gloriously, we are not expected or ever instructed to do this in our own power.

I don’t know how you feel about that but it’s a HUGE relief to me. I’ve realized over my life that I’m not nearly as strong as I would like to think. I’m so grateful for that revelation now. Knowing I can simply fall into the strong arms of Jesus and trust His strength, not mine.

We are called to be strong and immovable. But, how can we be strong and immovable when we just acknowledged we’re really not as strong as we first thought?

In Proverbs 10:25 we’re told that WHEN the storms of life come the wicked will be whirled away but the godly have a lasting foundation.

There’s our answer. We need to have a lasting foundation in order to stand firm against the fiery arrows of the enemy.

So when we’ve done all we can do in a situation in our life and it doesn’t turn out the way we planned, we really need a strong foundation to help us stand firm. Otherwise we’ll be swept away in the current of doubt and lies from the enemy.

How do we get that solid foundation? Connection.

Maybe that sounds a little simple but hear me out. When you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of troubles it can be a real struggle to pull out a fiber of truth if we’ve never planted any in the first place.

Stand firm by staying connected to the author of truth!

To be perfectly honest I can’t always remember where a verse is found or even the exact words when I’m treading to stay above water. But…I know the truth of God’s word and even if it’s one word I can grasp onto and cling to for dear life to stay afloat, it’s there. Planted through connection with my Heavenly Father.

Way to many times in my life I haven’t had eloquent words to pray in the middle of a situation. Sometimes the best we can squeak out in the moment is “Jesus help”. I’m so grateful that He hears that cry and knows the heart behind it without fancy words to explain it.

Let’s be real honest, it doesn’t always mean things are going to turn out like we’ve planned even as we stand firm. God is still there though – standing in the gap for us.

Our plans are fickle little beasts with short term vision. God’s plans are far reaching and see the whole picture. Not always easy to remember in the eye of the storm. We must be rooted deep!

This week as we move through life’s storms lets stand firm in God’s grace. The battle we fight is spiritual, personal and intense. It takes courage, determination and prayer but take heart…through Christ we are victorious. 

I encourage you to let the words from Laura Daigle’s song O’Lord to lift you up and give you hope!

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