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Maybe you’ve heard about Essential Oils and are curious. Or could it be that you’ve never heard of them and are wondering what all the fuss is about?

Even if you’re an old pro with Essential Oils I’d love to share a bit of how we use them in our lives.

Like many people, I’d heard just enough about them to confuse me! So I bought a diffuser and some oils and figured it had to be better than burning candles. (Btw, it’s SO much healthier for us than burning candles!)

It was a great place to start but barely the tip of the iceberg on what these powerhouse, natural products can do for us!

When my health took a bit of a detour I decided to finally do some research. Funny thing is it led me back to Essential Oils! So I signed up a Premium Starter Kit with Young Living alongside an amazing friend. I’m so blessed to be part of a team who thoroughly believes in education and community. It was the start to a big turnaround for me!

Now we use Young Living essential oils and chemical free products EVERY day. They are huge part of our lives and health journey. 

Now don’t get me wrong moving towards a more natural, chemical free lifestyle is still a work in progress and there’s room for everyone at the table. Crunchy mama or not. 

This is just a small sampling of how we use them daily:

Frankincense and Lavender for all things skin

Panaway and Copaiba for sore, tired muscles

Peppermint for head tension

Digize for all those tummy issues

Endoflex for my adrenals

Progessence Plus for all those female hormones

Ningxia Red to help with our digestion, energy and support our immune systems.

The chemical free cleaner, personal products and makeup to avoid all the nasties!

If you’re not already a member of Young Living and would like to know more you can learn more below.

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