What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

Guess what? I turned 45 years old today. This might seem a bit audacious but I feel I’m rocking 45 already! 

I’ve discovered more about myself in the 5 years since hitting 40 than all the years that led up to it.

Want in on some of this new found knowledge? Pull up a chair and let’s chat!

I should probably warn you. One of the things I’ve lost in my 40’s is my filter! Just sayin!

Stop caring so much what other people think!!

I really can’t stress this enough. If young people, especially girls, could really get a hold of this early on in life it would bless all of us so much! Life is to short to worry about whether people don’t like what you wear, how you do your hair, etc.

Do you like it? Does it help you walk a little taller? Than you do YOU!! God didn’t create us to fit into someone else’s mold anyway. So embrace the uniqueness that is you. Please!! The other way is boring anyway.

Everything in moderation (except glitter – go all out with that stuff)

I was always an all or nothing person. If I couldn’t do it all the way I was just out from the start. No point in doing something halfway I figured. Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t give our best. Not by a long shot! I’m a go getter and I have no desire to put that one to bed.

But…just because I’m not training for a race of some kind doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy running, just for the sheer joy of running!! I know I’m as shocked as you are right now.

It also means I can enjoy a brownie without thinking about having to “run it off” later. If that was even really a THING! It also means I don’t have to throw the towel in and eat the whole cake because I had a small piece. Make sense friends?

Take care of yourself

I know you’ve heard it before but you can’t dip out of an empty cup. Girl, put your oxygen mask on first and then go to work taking care of others. Without taking time to refill your own cup you have nothing to give anyway. You’ll be running on fumes and gasping on the dust left behind.

It’s NOT a sin to take a little time for YOU. Shoot if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom for 2 minutes and turn on worship music, do it! I double dog dare you to try this one.

Life goes fast so grab hold and enjoy the ride

Wow, that sounds cliche. I debated changing it but it pretty much sums up what I mean. You don’t realize how fast life is going until you’re staring at the downhill slide. Don’t waste time being stuck in the past. Deal with it. Make peace with it. Then get after the business of the life that’s in front of you right now. Time waits for no man (or woman) so please don’t squander the time you have thinking about the past to much.

I’m not sure I’ve been this excited about a birthday in a long time. God’s doing such mighty things in my life and I kind of feel like I better buckle up for the second act. It’s going to be GOOD!!

Come join me over on Facebook and Instagram this month. We’re going to have a blast celebrating turning 45! I have some fun giveaways planned for the whole month! The Lord knows it’s one of my fave things to do!!!

Wanna do me a birthday favor? Share this with your friends and you can all come join me over on Facebook and Instagram for the party!!


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