What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?

Five Minute Friday is so much fun for me. No pressure! Simply a word prompt on twitter (#fmfparty) on Thursday night and then write. No over thinking or editing. There is a linkup on Friday at http://katemotaung.com where we can read other’s five minute free write. This week’s prompt is: ENJOY

Ready, set, go….

So, I have fun news to share with you all. It’s been 2 years since I started this blog. I’m super excited. It’s been such a journey and huge learning experience.

I’ll be honest I have enjoyed certain aspects of it more than others. I love to write and am especially fond of just getting my thoughts on paper. On the other hand, editing is the least enjoyable part of the process for me.

Yet for some reason I can get caught up editing as I write which completely kills the flow. I’ve heard it so many times not to edit as I go but I find that extremely difficult. I think that’s why I enjoy the Five Minute Friday free writes so much. It’s right up my alley! 

I always want to give my best in everything I do. That includes writing and blogging. But it feels like there’s a huge learning curve and just when I feel like I’m getting it figured out something changes again.

So when frustration tries to creep in I remember that everything I do, including this blog, is for God’s glory!

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I love to celebrate. I love to write. I also really love Christmas. So it’s a perfect time to throw a party, right? Will you join me over the next month as we celebrate 2 years of this blogging and writing journey?

Watch for the party to kick off and get started Thanksgiving week.

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