What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?
Five Minute Friday is so much fun for me. No pressure! Simply a word prompt on twitter (#fmfparty) on Thursday night and then write. No over thinking or editing. There is a linkup on Friday at http://katemotaung.com where we can read other’s five minute free write. This week’s prompt is: CELEBRATE

Today my husband and I celebrate 23 years of marriage. Wow! First, I have to say, where did the years go? I still vividly remember meeting him at a neighbor’s branding and the countless miles we spent together horseback.

We got married young and I heard from quite a few people that it would be a huge mistake. I was told repeatedly that young love doesn’t last. We knew it wasn’t a fleeting type of love but one that would see us through.

I’ve learned over these 23 years to celebrate the little moments as much as I do the big milestones. Like the time we were moving cows and he killed a rattlesnake. He cut the rattles off and gave them to me. I know it sounds silly but I still have those rattles.

Also, when we had our first son and were right in the middle of sleepless nights with calving. He was exhausted but still found the energy to snuggle, feed and change our new baby whenever he was inside.

23 years of memories, large and small. Today, I celebrate knowing that love is constantly evolving. We’re not stagnant beings and neither are our relationships. They ebb and flow through life. We grow and find a deeper love that carries us through the valleys in life. I’m so grateful that God has covered our marriage and continues to bless us.

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