What Critter Are You Based On How You Work?
How to be More Generous

How to be More Generous

When you hear the word generosity where does your mind go? Giving your money? Maybe material goods? Generosity is so much more than just giving our money. God has given us a perfect example of how to give of ourselves. Yes we can give, and should, of our finances. But...

God’s Best is Truly Best

Do you ever think of God as some kind of Genie in a bottle? Or maybe even hope for it?“C’mon God, I really need that new car!” “I’m sure this job is what would really be best for me, God.”“Could you please just make this person fall in love with me so I can finally be...

A Generous Spirit Can Grow Weary

Do you ever get tired of doing good for others or even for yourself? Just flat out tired of giving your best and ready to throw in the towel? I’d say most of us desire to have a generous spirit and willingly step out in faith to the assignment He has given each of us....

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